Mergers + Acquisitions

There aren’t many business activities that are more complicated than making an acquisition.  However, a thorough business review can help you assess the potential gains and risks involved with the transaction.  Our review allows you to better assess values for negotiations and anticipate the many business issues you could face after the acquisition.

Mosaic Strategic Partners brings experience to our small business clients who are considering an acquisition to strategically grow their business.  We advise our clients on the financial aspects of deals, as well as a wide range of operational issues.

Financial + tax due diligence

You need the peace of mind to know that what you’re buying is what you think you’re buying.   Mosaic Strategic Partners will review all key areas that affect the value and viability of a target.  We’ll examine data integrity, the quality of cash flows and earnings, and projections.  We’ll also look for hidden costs and deal breakers.

Operational due diligence

We’ll provide an overview of the acquired business, evaluate the effectiveness of management controls, and develop and quantify action plans to accelerate value creation.  We’ll assess the risks and synergies associated with the target company as well as the combined organization.

Tax + accounting structuring

You need to minimize your tax burden and maximize the return on your investment.  Mosaic Strategic Partners will help you determine your current cash position once the target is acquired, suggest alternative tax and accounting structures, maximize the utilization of any acquired net operating losses, and create pro forma financial statements to illustrate various scenarios.

Seller services

Our firm also offers seller-specific services.  We can help increase value before the sales process begins, create more formal management systems and processes, and assist the seller in negotiating and finalizing the terms of the sale.

Personal financial impact

Many of our clients take advantage of our capabilities to provide personal financial strategies in addition to our business strategies.  We can help you integrate the two to determine the impact of this transaction on your retirement and estate planning goals.

We collaborate with colleagues in our business network to provide the following additional services:

  • Financing
  • Real estate transfers
  • Business transfers and operating agreements
  • Intellectual property valuation
  • Business valuation
  • Merger integration, including leadership and culture issues, pensions, and employee benefits

Additional Services

  • Quality Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Start-Ups

  • Business Expansion

  • Tax Planning + Preparation

  • Tax Representation